January 2008


Sundials .:SHD:.

Beautiful garden sundials with sculpted gnomon and pedestal, a timeless motto, and a simulated shadow that actually follows SL time of day.

The sundial has accurate time markings on the face, designed to be used at 60 degrees north (which is a pretty good match for the SL day). The shadow simulation is updated every “hour” of a SL day (if an SL day had 24 hours; since a SL day corresponds to 4 real-life hours, the shadow updates about every 10 minutes). Since the shadow follows SL time of day, the simulation will not work on private estates that have a fixed sun position, and after a sim reboot, the sundial may show the wrong time for up to 4 hours.


… I guess it’s the best way to keep track of things. So yeah, I finally decided to keep a blog for my little store in Second Life [tm].

The name? Long story. I named my first little store "Spiky-Haired Dragon", after the webcomic I run in Real Life. The name’s a bit unwieldy, so it usually gets shortened to SHD. Later on the neighbours of my nice little store parcel in Blorkus changed a lot and I decided it would be a good idea to have a secondary location, which I found in Missing Beckett, so I named the parcel Eleutheria, like Beckett’s play. Now neither of them really makes a good store name, I guess, so just think of my store as .:SHD:.

And here’s where you find it in-world:
Spiky-Haired Dragon, Blorkus
SHD/Eleutheria, Missing Beckett