September 2008


Turnip Lanterns .:SHD:.

Pumpkin lanterns weren’t always the typical Halloween decoration; long before that, there was a tradition of carving vegetable lanterns from turnips or swedes.

This old-fashioned sculpted Halloween lantern (Jack-o’-lantern) comes with 3 variations in 2 versions each, all mod/copy and one prim only.

The versions marked (fullbright) don’t give off any light; they achieve their light effects by changing the texture and setting “fullbright”.
The versions marked (light) emit local lights instead of turning fullbright; to see the full effect, you need to have “local lights” enabled in your preferences.

The Turnip Lantern can be toggled between “always on”, “always off”, and “day/night” by clicking on it (owner only).



Garlic Choker .:SHD:.

Afraid of vampires? Need protection at all times?

This leather choker has a sculpted garlic pendant and a subtly cross-shaped buckle.
Two colour variations included (off-white garlic, brown leather, brass buckle / purplish garlic, black leather, chrome buckle).
Mod/copy, two sizes included.

Protection against vampires not guaranteed.


Garlic Braids .:SHD:.

Decorative garlic braids for your kitchen wall or castle door.
Sculpted garlic bulbs in two colour variations: off-white, or with a purple hue.

15 prims each, mod/copy – just pull out a single bulb if you only need one.

Protection against vampires not guaranteed.


Autumn Leaves .:SHD:.

Nothing says Autumn more than a ground covered with fallen leaves …

Sculpted 5m x 5m groundcover (copy/mod, 1 prim) in 6 variations:
– Maple leaves, unscripted
– Maple leaves, with particles appearing when walked on
– Birch leaves, unscripted
– Birch leaves, with particles appearing when walked on
– Mixed leaves (rowan, wine, and some other leaves I found in my garden), unscripted
– Mixed leaves, with particles appearing when walked on

Melancholy mood and lousy weather not included 😉


Catnip Patch .:SHD:.

Every cat loves catnip!

With this catnip patch you get:

A sculpted 2m x 2m catnip leaves groundcover (copy/mod) in 4 variations:
– unscripted
– with catnip leaf particles that appear when you step on it
– with “zonked-out” animation suitable for Neko/human/bipeds
– with “rolling around” animation suitable for Metamorphoses quad cat avatars (if you don’t have one, get one at Metamorphoses!)

A 3-prim catnip plant (copy/mod).

A simple leaf for your cat/neko to carry around.

Assemble as you like, or use one of the two pre-assembled (5 prims) catnip patches that are also included!