St. Martin's Lanterns .:SHD:.

St. Martin’s Day is celebrated on November 11 in parts of Flandern, the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria with paper lanterns like these.

This 2-prim paper/cardboard lantern comes with 3 variations in 2 colours for a total of 6 different lanterns, all mod/copy (scripts are copy only).
All 6 lanterns are included in both “full bright” and “local lights” versions.

The versions marked (fullbright) don’t give off any light; they achieve their light effects by changing the texture and setting “fullbright”.
The versions marked (light) emit local lights in addition of turning fullbright; to see the full effect, you need to have “local lights” enabled in your preferences.

The St. Martin’s Lantern can be toggled between “always on”, “always off”, and “day/night” by clicking on it (owner only).