Sticklebacks .:SHD:.

The Three-Spined Stickleback (tiddler, tiddlebat, Stichling) is a small fish, often of a mottled brown colour, that can be found in fresh waters, estuaries and coastal seas in shallow, often muddy or sandy areas throughout much of northern Europe, northern Asia and North America. Breeding males show a blueish colour with a bright red breast region. The Three-Spined Stickleback forms schools.

— Stickleback (male, cw)
— Stickleback (female, cw)
— Stickleback (male, ccw)
— Stickleback (female, ccw)
(4 fish in each ring, male/female versions with clockwise/counterclockwise rotation)

Set up overlapping rings of fish to give the appearance of a school. Looks best in shallow waters against a light-coloured background.

The owner can touch the fish to cycle through 4 different speeds.