Songbirds: Winter Wren .:SHD:.

The Winter Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes), also known as Northern Wren or in Europe, simply as Wren, is a very small bird known for singing even in winter. In European folklore, it’s the King of the Birds (its German name Zaunkönig means “king of the fence”), and to the Druids, the Wren was sacred.

This sculpted, hand-painted songbird knows 4 songs that it plays randomly at daytime (always on, silent, and plays on touch versions also included).

Copyable, rez as many as you want.
Modifiable, easily resized to a realistic bird size or even much smaller (the default size is rather big, for use as a decorative item and to make it easy to find and place them).
Only 2 prims!