Cat Statuette 2009 LE (blue, painted) .:SHD:.

Cat Statuette 2009 LE (blue, painted) .:SHD:.

Today (Saturday) is my RL birthday, so as a birthday present from me to you (it doesn’t have to make sense, right?) I give you a Limited Edition Blue Cat Statuette. Well, if you want it. And it’s only *almost* free, sorry — but it won’t ever be for sale after today!

How to get it: Buy it for 1L$.

Where to find it: On the ocean floor under the Missing Beckett store (jump over the wall from the store – it’s a long way down – or wander over from the Fishing Area, you should all have the LM by now 🙂 It’s near the 128,128 point of the sim. The picture above helps you find it — think of it as a tiny treasure hunt! ;))

When to find it: From now, all through Saturday, until I’m awake enough on Sunday morning to remove it. After that it won’t ever be available again, so buy yours while you can, if you want one 🙂

Same Cat Statuette shape as the ones for sale in the store, but a new blue texture, and no mod / copy / no trans.