We are not adult content.

We are not adult content.



As of June 17, 2009, according to the forum thread at http://forums.secondlife.com/showthread.php?t=326230, the word “tits” is no longer on the list of Adult Filtered Words.

However, I still think that word filters without regard for context and without the ability to have exceptions are not a good solution for enforcing “correct” use of adult search words.


On April 27 2009, in the long forum thread “Upcoming Changes for Adult Content: Answers to Questions” (http://forums.secondlife.com/showthread.php?t=314444), I asked the following:

Well … my store is PG. It’s on PG mainland by choice, because I wanted to avoid a repeat of the situation at my previous (mature) location where I suddenly found myself in the middle of hardcore sex clubs.

Now, I make and sell European songbirds. Tits, mostly. Great tits, blue tits, marsh tits, willow tits, varied tits, more tits to come. Assuming you want to consider everything mentioning “tits” anywhere to be adult, what would you have me do?

— Move my completely PG store to Ursula?
— Change my parcel description / classified texts / etc. to not mention any tits, even though they are one of the main parts of my business?

If I choose to be on PG land, and I choose to mark my classifieds as PG (i.e. not mark them mature or adult), then it’s because my store is PG and so is the text of my classifieds. You’re not really going to tell me that I cannot mention that I make and sell tits outside of Ursula or to non-age-verified residents anymore, are you?

Blondin Linden replied to this as follows:

No doubt that the content wold be PG, but the word TITS would be flagged and your ad would only found by verified accounts.

In addition to that, he also posted in the thread:

If you plan on using Adult words in your ads / search, 1) the place / event will need to be on an adult region and 2) only verified accounts will be able to search and find those key words.

Meaning, in essence, if LL won’t change their plans/implementation of their adult content restrictions, I will not be allowed to call a tit a tit anymore.


See a list of adult content keywords currently filtered from websearch here:

See this JIRA entry (and consider voting) asking for contextual search:

See this blog post for a good overview of the adult content changes:
Second Life Adult Content Changes – How theyโ€™ll affect you.


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