Sculpted frog and toad, painted to look like a (European) Common Frog (Rana temporaria) and Common Toad (Bufo bufo), all mod/copy/no-trans and only 4 prims each.
The scripts in these frogs and toads were compiled to Mono.

4 sound options:

  • Frog/Toad (looping frog chorus) plays a looping noisy frog chorus; it can be started/
    stopped by touching (owner only).
  • Frog/Toad (sound at intervals) plays a short call at random intervals (15-40 seconds).
  • Frog/Toad (sound on touch) plays a short call when somebody touches it.
  • Frog/Toad (silent) is unscripted and makes no sounds.

The looping frog chorus is rather noisy! Frog and Toad have different calls and a similar but not identical frog chorus, so you can have some variation.