The title is almost longer than the post itself …

1.) .:SHD:. songbirds can now be found in the Conservatorium (a.k.a. Birdcage) just outside the Grimalkin Workshop at Majestic!

2.) Selected Grimalkin Workshop products can now be found at the .:SHD:. store at Missing Beckett!

3.) For those who prefer an in-world group over a subscribe-o-matic, there’s now the .:SHD:. & IB Update Group! It’s a combined update group for .:SHD:. and Iron Bird. I’ll post releases there as they happen, whereas I’ll post them on the subscribeo no more often than weekly, but otherwise it shouldn’t matter much which of the two groups you join – you’re not missing out (well, except on Iron Bird release notices if you choose the subscribeo ;))