Mechanical Armada Parrot .:SHD:.

Mechanical Armada Parrot .:SHD:.

The Armada Haunted Hunt has started! Rat #6 contains a prize from .:SHD:. — a no-mod version of the Mechanical Parrot with a different tail/wings texture (the Armada tartan, actually) and limited features. (A picture can be found near the hunt poster in my stores.)

Ghostly rats have been mysteriously appearing all over Armada, and they bear gifts from the many Armada merchants! Come explore the magical steampunk sim of Armada Breakaway for very high-quality gifts from all the merchants in Armada. Gifts are scattered in ghost rats all over the sim, so explore carefully!

The first ghost has been seen near the landing point, admiring some skeletal remains ….

There are a total of 22 ghostly rats around the sim. See if you can find them all!

More information about Armada can be found near the landing point and in the various items around the sim! Avatars of all ages are welcome, so please wear appropriate attire.

The hunt runs from October 15th to November 7th!

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SLURL to Armada Breakaway