Rooster .:SHD:.

Sculpted, hand-painted rooster (cockerel, chanticleer, male chicken) that blinks and crows (with moving beak).

Mod/copy/no-trans (scripts copy only). 7 prims.

4 versions included:

– Rooster (unscripted) is unscripted (doesn’t even blink)
– Rooster (crows on touch) crows when anyone touches it.
– Rooster (crows at sunrise) crows once every sim day (about every 4 hours) at/just before sunrise. (Note: This rooster will not crow on regions with a fixed sun position.)
– Rooster (crows at specified time) crows once at a specified time within the next 24 hours. The owner can touch the bird to set/change/unset the alarm, in hh:mm (24 hour clock) format (e.g. for 2:34 PM enter 14:34). Rooster follows SLT. After the rooster crows, the alarm is automatically turned off until the owner sets a new alarm.