SHD is part of two hunts this month!

Can you solve this murder mystery set in New Toulouse? Find all the clues to claim your prizes!

The mystery runs from February 1 to February 28. To begin, go to Laveau Square, New Toulouse and touch the hunt kiosk to receive your HUD and first clue. Wear the HUD, and follow the instructions on the notecard. When you spot the clue object, touch it to register your find on the HUD and receive your next clue. Continue until you have uncovered all twenty clues, at which point you can go to the prize hall and select your prizes!

While clue notecards will contain LMs to the locations, we recommend clicking the “Show on Map” button and following the beacon rather than teleporting. This will give you a nice little walking tour of New Toulouse!

More information is available on the Web:

The SHD prize for Wages of Sin is this Wolpertinger Garden Statue:

The SHD prize for the Peace Valentine’s Hunt is an exclusive colour variation of the shoulder lovebird! The hunt will begin February 1st and run through February 15th. (SHD@Peace Island)