May 2010

Hens (brown and white) .:SHD:.

Finally, some hens to go with the previously released rooster! Brown and white versions included, 3 sounds, 5 options each: sound on touch / at intervals / at intervals, daylight / silent / unscripted. 4 prims each, mod/copy/no-transfer.


Tree Stumps .:SHD:.

Simple sculpted tree stumps, one hollow, one solid (with sit pose and without). 1 prim each, easily resized or stretched. Mod / copy / no transfer.

Songbirds: Indigo Bunting .:SHD:.

Indigo Bunting, a blue finch-like North American bird. Comes in 4 sound options (on touch, intervals, intervals/daytime, silent), blinks, wearable (shoulder, sound on touch) and unscripted birds included.

Metal Cuckoo .:SHD:.

The artificial/mechanical/steampunk-looking version of last week’s common cuckoo. Same 6 versions, 4 prims, authentic cuckoo clock sound.