Snowdrop on snow patch .:SHD:.

2 prims (sculpted), no mod / no copy/ transfer, 30L.

For every 30 snowdrops sold, I will donate 1000L to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts of the American Red Cross (via purchase of Donation Linden bears). (That’s 100% of proceeds and a bit extra.)

Update 2011-04-23:

LL has ended the Donation Bear campaign (in their infinite wisdom, without any advance warning); the limited Snowdrop on Snow Patch is now also no longer for sale.

Snowdrops sold: 82
Bears bought: 2

So 22 x 30L = 660L in donations could not be donated via Bear — I have instead donated 10 USD to the American Red Cross the old-fashioned RL way.