7Seas Fishing

Fishiversary 2011 is now open!

Find SHD at Ruthenium and catch a Leather Frog or a Fishiversary Duckling (or any of a number of other customs).


.:SHD:. Purple Cheshire Cat

I haven’t been releasing as much new stuff lately as I would like to … RL has been a bit rough recently. To make up for it, here’s a little freebie!

NM/C/NT, normal version – free (available for the next 24 hours or so).
7Seas Custom Prize version – more info in the notecard that comes with the free one.

It’s at the mainstore, in a box near the huge golden Cheshire Cat at the back of the store; just buy it for 0 L$.
It says group gift, but everyone can buy it, so bring your friends 🙂

July 1st – July 31st is the time of the next Gone Fishing Hunt! In this hunt, you have to fish up your prizes (and landmark to the next location) with the 7Seas Fishing system.

SHD and Iron Bird are participating this time around, so come fish at our Fishing Area!

Here’s the SHD hunt prize (only available in this hunt):

Honey Frog .:SHD:. - GFH Summer 2009 exclusive prize

Honey Frog .:SHD:. - GFH Summer 2009 exclusive prize

I would show you the Iron Bird prize as well, but apparently it’s not finished yet. Check their blog for updates!

(SHD) SuperUltraRare: Dragons

(SHD) SuperUltraRare: Dragons

In addition to the "Rare: Garden Hedgehog" and "UltraRare: Albino Hedgehog" shoulder pets and the "Common: Purple Garlic Fish" and "Uncommon:White Garlic Fish" that are already in the Custom Prize Giver at the new SHD/IB Fishing Area, I now added three Chinese Dragons:

  • SuperUltraRare: Golden Dragon
  • SuperUltraRare: Silver Dragon
  • SuperUltraRare: Copper Dragon

For the next few days, a box with all three SURs is also in the Bounty Hunt Prize Giver! Drop by and fish!

.:SHD:./IB Fishing Area

.:SHD:./IB Fishing Area

I finally have a 7Seas Fishing Area again, this time with custom fish from .:SHD:. and partner store Iron Bird!

Come fish!