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I haven’t disappeared, I’m just not around so much due to RL health issues. But I showed up just in time for Halloween to finally bring you the white version of the Spooky Crow! Just like the original, it’s 4 prims, mod/copy, caws on touch, and costs 70L.

Spooky Crow White .:SHD:.

But because it’s Halloween soon, it’s also currently available as a group gift in the in-world group!
Since we now finally have more than 25 groups, I have decided to concentrate more on the inworld group — the subscribo will still get notices about updates and events, but only the in-world group will receive group gifts.

To join the inworld group, use this link (copy and paste it into SL local chat):


Vendace (Whitefish) .:SHD:.

Fishiversary made me notice that I didn’t have enough fish at .:SHD:., so I made more. Buy them this weekend and you’ll get them for 25L (mainstore only; standard price: 55L)!

The vendace, Coregonus albula, is a species of freshwater whitefish in the family Salmonidae. It is found in lakes in northern Europe, especially Finland, Sweden, Russia and Estonia, and in some lakes of the United Kingdom, northern Germany and Poland.

Mod/copy, same setup as the sticklebacks and tadpoles.

Easter Release:

Stone Rabbit .:SHD:.

1-prim sculpted stone rabbits (rock bunnies?) with painted on eyes and tails, 3 colours in package.
M/C/NT, 50L.

Note: You can find a single stone rabbit (colour “rock B”) hidden in the mainstore for 0L (only during Easter)!
(Hint: It’s near a big one. OK, that’s not very hidden ;))

These are perhaps a bit late for this year, but where I live, there’s still some snow left over:

Snowdrops .:SHD:.

Sculpted, overlapping rings of snowdrops (2 prims = 6 rings = 2.8m x 2.8m).
M/C/NT, 60L.

Note: If you have previously bought a “Snowdrop on Snow Patch” for help with Japan Relief efforts, no need to buy these — I’ll send you a folder today or tomorrow! Update on “Snowdrop Relief” below.

SHD is in the SLegghunt again this year. Find a coloured egg at the mainstore and win yourself a Sinister Duckling (and possibly 1L and a chance at the daily jackpot)!

Snowdrop on snow patch .:SHD:.

2 prims (sculpted), no mod / no copy/ transfer, 30L.

For every 30 snowdrops sold, I will donate 1000L to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts of the American Red Cross (via purchase of Donation Linden bears). (That’s 100% of proceeds and a bit extra.)


The word “tit” is now also filtered on the SL Marketplace! To draw some more attention to this poorly thought-out word filter, I added another tit to the line-up: the Black-breasted Tit (Rufous-naped Tit, Dark-grey Tit).

This bird is available exclusively on the Marketplace, for the low price of only 10L:

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