.:SHD:. Purple Cheshire Cat

I haven’t been releasing as much new stuff lately as I would like to … RL has been a bit rough recently. To make up for it, here’s a little freebie!

NM/C/NT, normal version – free (available for the next 24 hours or so).
7Seas Custom Prize version – more info in the notecard that comes with the free one.

It’s at the mainstore, in a box near the huge golden Cheshire Cat at the back of the store; just buy it for 0 L$.
It says group gift, but everyone can buy it, so bring your friends 🙂


.:SHD:. now has a little store at the Peace Island pirate dock. Peace Island opened just yesterday, and as a special opening gift, you can find an exclusive white wearable version of the Cheshire cat at the .:SHD:. store there for 0L for a while. Can you spot it in the picture?

Cheshire Cat (gold) .:SHD:.

Cheshire Cat (gold) .:SHD:.

Cheshire Cat (silver) .:SHD:.

Cheshire Cat (silver) .:SHD:.

The Cheshire Cat is a fictional cat popularised by Lewis Carroll’s depiction of it in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It is known for being able to disappear until nothing is left but its grin.

This sculpted, hand-painted Cheshire Cat is based on the drawing by John Tenniel (published 1866).

In this package you find 3 versions of the cat, all mod/copy and 6 prims only.

– (fade on touch) fades in and out (except for the grin) when somebody touches it.
– (fade on timer) fades out (except for the grin) randomly after 3-5 minutes, and back in again after 10-60 seconds.
– (fade on sensor) fades out (except for the grin) after a short moment when somebody comes within ~10 metres of the cat, and back in again after a short moment when nobody is within that range.

Available in gold (brown) and silver (grey).

Stone Cat .:SHD:.

Stone Cat .:SHD:.

Round stone cats with chalk faces.

4 cats, all mod/copy, 4 prims each:
– Stone Cat sitting, light stone
– Stone Cat sitting, dark stone
– Stone Cat sleeping, light stone
– Stone Cat sleeping, dark stone

Add another cat to your collection today!

Cat Statuette 2009 LE (blue, painted) .:SHD:.

Cat Statuette 2009 LE (blue, painted) .:SHD:.

Today (Saturday) is my RL birthday, so as a birthday present from me to you (it doesn’t have to make sense, right?) I give you a Limited Edition Blue Cat Statuette. Well, if you want it. And it’s only *almost* free, sorry — but it won’t ever be for sale after today!

How to get it: Buy it for 1L$.

Where to find it: On the ocean floor under the Missing Beckett store (jump over the wall from the store – it’s a long way down – or wander over from the Fishing Area, you should all have the LM by now 🙂 It’s near the 128,128 point of the sim. The picture above helps you find it — think of it as a tiny treasure hunt! ;))

When to find it: From now, all through Saturday, until I’m awake enough on Sunday morning to remove it. After that it won’t ever be available again, so buy yours while you can, if you want one 🙂

Same Cat Statuette shape as the ones for sale in the store, but a new blue texture, and no mod / copy / no trans.

Cat Statuette .:SHD:.

Cat Statuette .:SHD:.

Cat statuette in 6 different textures. Mod/copy. At 1 prim only, you have no excuse now not to add more cats to your place!


Spooky Cat .:SHD:.

Black cats make good Halloween decorations; Spooky Cat with its glowing eyes and swishing tail is no exception!


— a normal-sized Spooky Cat
— a big Spooky Cat (makes the tail swish look much nicer)
— a tiny Spooky Cat to sit on your shoulder (tail is flexi, but unscripted)

9 prims each, mod/copy (Scripts are copy only).

The normal and big Spooky Cats have a scripted tail that swishes about
every 6 seconds.

The owner can click on the tail (normal and big only) to switch between
up (good if the kitty sits on the ground) or down (good if the kitty sits
on a wall, for example) tail orientation.

The owner can click on the eyes (each eye seperately) to cycle colours
between yellow, orange, and green. In windlight clients with basic
shaders enabled, the eyes glow softly.

Everyone can click on the Spooky Cat to hear it meow! (That’s one of
my RL cats you hear there — no, I didn’t step on his tail :))

Happy Halloween!