.:SHD:. is in the Cool Yule Hunt, which is only today!

Cool Yule Hunt Hints

There’s an exclusive black shoulder Cheshire Cat in there, matching the white one from Peace Island, and a wearable Great Tit. Have a merry Christmas, and happy hunting!


Mistletoe .:SHD:.

According to a custom of Christmas cheer, any two people who meet under a hanging of mistletoe are obliged to kiss.

Here’s some mistletoe all ready to hang up! 1 prim (sculpted plant shape), mod/copy or mod/trans.

Based on an illustration in “Flora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz” by Prof. Dr. Otto Wilhelm Thomé, 1885.

Yule Goat .:SHD:.

Traditional Scandinavian/Nordic Christmas/Yule decoration.
Big and small versions included, the big one with a sit pose.
Mod/copy, 5 prims.

Holiday Marketplace at Donner

Holiday Marketplace at Donner

For the next 60 days, .:SHD:./Eleutheria also has a presence at the Second Life Holiday Marketplace! You can find it in a corner of the Donner sim.
And for the next 7 days, there’s a Gold Nugget there to find!

Xstreet SL's Winter Wonderland

Xstreet SL's Winter Wonderland

Like at Halloween, .:SHD:./Eleutheria has a display on Xstreet again — this time in the Xstreet SL Winter Wonderland.
Drop by if you have time!

Knitty Cat Xmas Armwarmers

Knitty Cat Xmas Armwarmers

Here’s the latest Metamorphoses group gift! I’ll quote the text of the group notice:

You’ve been a wonderful group, and to thank you all for your custom, your great product suggestions and requests and your wonderful feedback, we at Metamorphoses have a little “thank you” gift that is Exclusive to Metamorphs Group Members. These lovely kitty armwarmers in festive seasonal colours were made by the talented Mosley Sperber, and won’t be for sale. They’re just for you! So have a great Festive Season wherever you may be. Seasonal Greetings from the Metamorphoses Team!


Songbird: Robin .:SHD:.

This sculpted, hand-painted European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) knows 4 songs that it plays randomly at daytime (silent version and version that plays on touch also included).
Since the mid-19th century, the Robin has become strongly associated with Christmas.

Copyable, rez as many as you want.
Modifiable, easily resized to a realistic bird size or even much smaller (the default size is rather big, for use as a decorative item and to make it easy to find and place them).
Only 2 prims!

More songbirds to follow!

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