I haven’t disappeared, I’m just not around so much due to RL health issues. But I showed up just in time for Halloween to finally bring you the white version of the Spooky Crow! Just like the original, it’s 4 prims, mod/copy, caws on touch, and costs 70L.

Spooky Crow White .:SHD:.

But because it’s Halloween soon, it’s also currently available as a group gift in the in-world group!
Since we now finally have more than 25 groups, I have decided to concentrate more on the inworld group — the subscribo will still get notices about updates and events, but only the in-world group will receive group gifts.

To join the inworld group, use this link (copy and paste it into SL local chat):


Halloween Lanterns .:SHD:.

I know I’m just a bit late for these, but if you still need Halloween decorations, these are free for .:SHD:. update group members until Halloween! Just wear your group tag and touch the group gift giver above the vendor (at either of the store locations). Happy Halloween!

Spooky Crow .:SHD:.

Spooky Crow .:SHD:.

This year’s Halloween decoration is the Spooky Crow, to go with last year’s Spooky Cat!

– a normal-sized Spooky Crow
– a big Spooky Crow
– a small Spooky Crow to sit on your shoulder (legs bent a bit to fit better)

4 prims each, mod/copy (scripts copy only).

The crow’s eyes blink and glow softly.

Anyone can touch the crow and hear it caw.

The owner can touch the crow’s eyes (separately) to cycle through colours: white/yellow/orange/green.

Cat-Witch Hat (for Metamorphoses cats)

Cat-Witch Hat (for Metamorphoses cats)

Another release for Metamorphoses Quadrupedal Cat Avatars – the Cat-Witch Hat! Picture says it all.

Available only at Metamorphoses!


Spooky Cat .:SHD:.

Black cats make good Halloween decorations; Spooky Cat with its glowing eyes and swishing tail is no exception!


— a normal-sized Spooky Cat
— a big Spooky Cat (makes the tail swish look much nicer)
— a tiny Spooky Cat to sit on your shoulder (tail is flexi, but unscripted)

9 prims each, mod/copy (Scripts are copy only).

The normal and big Spooky Cats have a scripted tail that swishes about
every 6 seconds.

The owner can click on the tail (normal and big only) to switch between
up (good if the kitty sits on the ground) or down (good if the kitty sits
on a wall, for example) tail orientation.

The owner can click on the eyes (each eye seperately) to cycle colours
between yellow, orange, and green. In windlight clients with basic
shaders enabled, the eyes glow softly.

Everyone can click on the Spooky Cat to hear it meow! (That’s one of
my RL cats you hear there — no, I didn’t step on his tail :))

Happy Halloween!


Turnip Lanterns .:SHD:.

Pumpkin lanterns weren’t always the typical Halloween decoration; long before that, there was a tradition of carving vegetable lanterns from turnips or swedes.

This old-fashioned sculpted Halloween lantern (Jack-o’-lantern) comes with 3 variations in 2 versions each, all mod/copy and one prim only.

The versions marked (fullbright) don’t give off any light; they achieve their light effects by changing the texture and setting “fullbright”.
The versions marked (light) emit local lights instead of turning fullbright; to see the full effect, you need to have “local lights” enabled in your preferences.

The Turnip Lantern can be toggled between “always on”, “always off”, and “day/night” by clicking on it (owner only).