The word “tit” is now also filtered on the SL Marketplace! To draw some more attention to this poorly thought-out word filter, I added another tit to the line-up: the Black-breasted Tit (Rufous-naped Tit, Dark-grey Tit).

This bird is available exclusively on the Marketplace, for the low price of only 10L:


Songbird: Yellowhammer .:SHD:.

We are not adult content.

We are not adult content.


As of November 2010, “tits” has been returned to the list of Adult Filtered Words, and worse,
this time “tit” (singular) has been added as well. (The word had originally been removed from the filter list on June 17, 2009).

This makes it now impossible for me to advertise my tits, and impossible for anyone to find them in search, while accomplishing nothing (there’s a gazillion synonyms for “tits” in the breasts sense, not all of them filtered; there are no synonyms for the birds named “tit”).

A tit is a very common songbird in Europe. Some non-Europeans may not be familiar with it, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re a daily sight here and if I say that there is a pair of tits in my garden, people will think of the bird first. There are blue tits, great tits, marsh tits, willow tits, coal tits, and more; none of them can now be searched for in SL.

See this JIRA entry (and consider voting) asking for contextual search:

See this JIRA entry (and consider voting) about the general Adult content keyword filter problem:

See We are not adult content for the original post on this topic.

Songbird: Dark-eyed Junco .:SHD:.
Another North American bird: the Dark-eyed Junco!
Two subspecies included (Oregon Junco and Slate-colored Junco). Sound, blinking, and various options (sound on touch, at intervals, at intervals/daytime only, silent, unscripted).

Songbirds: Indigo Bunting .:SHD:.

Indigo Bunting, a blue finch-like North American bird. Comes in 4 sound options (on touch, intervals, intervals/daytime, silent), blinks, wearable (shoulder, sound on touch) and unscripted birds included.

Metal Cuckoo .:SHD:.

The artificial/mechanical/steampunk-looking version of last week’s common cuckoo. Same 6 versions, 4 prims, authentic cuckoo clock sound.

Common Cuckoo .:SHD:.

Common Cuckoo, sculpted and hand-painted. Blinks, comes in 6 versions: sound on touch / at intervals / at intervals (daytime only) / at full hours (“cuckoo clock”) / silent (blink only) / unscripted.

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